Lyme Disease Association introduces you to the lineup for: Literati with Lyme

For the first time, four nationally acclaimed authors and an executive editor are sharing the stage with two prominent medical authorities on Lyme for a firsthand account of the disease and its impact on peoples’ lives and livelihoods. Thursday, May 19, 2005, 7-10PM, the Lyme Disease Association (LDA) will host Literati with Lyme, a fundraising event at New York University, entitled “Writer’s Block of the Worst Kind.”  

The event is featuring Literati who have all had Lyme disease: Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club and movie); Meg Cabot (The Princess Diaries series and movies); E Jean Carroll (advice columnist for Elle Magazine); Jordan Fisher Smith (Nature Noir: A Park Ranger’s Patrol in the Sierra); and Jennifer Weis (executive editor St. Martin’s Press). Literati Photo Album
Link: Literati With Lyme Website (Because this event has passed, certain links will be unreachable.)



New Book for kids with Lyme Disease – BUY BOOK ONLINE
Lyme Disease Is No Fun: Let’s Get Well! written by Mary Wall MS Ed, CCLS, a Columbia graduate student, edited by Colleen M. Smith, a peer-review medical journal production editor and Johns Hopkins grad─each has battled Lyme disease as a child. Author Amy Tan has written the back cover note. Published by Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

Lyme Disease Update Now Available
Lyme Disease Association, Inc., (LDA) announces the publication of Lyme Disease Update: Science, Policy, & Law, the first Lyme disease resource book of its kind. Marcus Cohen, noted columnist for the Townsend Letter for Physicians & Patients is the author of the Update. NY Times Bestselling Author Amy Tan has written the Preface from her personal perspective on the difficulty of getting diagnosed and appropriately treated for Lyme disease.

The book is a must for busy physicians who lack time to read the peer-review on Lyme disease and for patients who have been refused treatment or even a Lyme diagnosis, the doctor perhaps citing a negative test (the book documents seronegativity) or the patients’ lack of conformity to the CDC criteria, which are meant for surveillance purposes only─the reference is cited in the Update.