Lyme Awareness Goes to the Dogs

It is true that dogs are 50% more likely than people to acquire Lyme disease based on their habit of running in the woods and fields and rolling in the leaves. Owners must be extra vigilant to look for attached and unattached ticks. It is fitting then that dog groomer Mary Weller of Oley, PA works with her pooches to promote Lyme awareness during the month of May, especially since Pennsylvania ranked number one in 2010 human Lyme cases.

Here, one of her clients, Dock, proudly wears the green bandana for Lyme disease awareness. He is joined by three others sporting green bows and by every dog groomed for the month of May by Mary, who has also written an article on Lyme for the local newspaper.

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA) is working with people and organizations everywhere to spread awareness. LDA has an awareness billboard in Times Square touting the worldwide nature of Lyme, a billboard partnering with S.L.A.M. in Massachussetts about the inadequacies of Lyme testing, and has done several radio, TV, and media interviews on the disease these past few weeks. Lyme and tick-borne diseases are not limited to humans as horse, cat and dog owners can attest to, so LDA is happy to feature canines in action, reinforcing that fact.