LDA Educates Wall NJ Students on Lyme

2015 Wall IntermSchool present patLDA President, Pat Smith (back right), and Wall Intermediate School Principal, Erin Embon (back left), with Intermediate School students In June, Lyme Disease Association President Pat Smith presented a powerpoint, How A Tick Can Make You Sick, to the entire Wall NJ Intermediate School student body,  more than 1,000 students, and their teachers over two days. Ms. Smith said,  “My interest in Lyme began while I was a Wall Board of Education member in the early 80’s and many students and teachers were sick with a new disease–Lyme. Later, I was able to help get two of my daughters diagnosed  with Lyme disease at a time when there was little knowledge of the disease by physicians and the public. One daughter was out of school more than four years. I want to prevent that from happening to other children.”