LDA Mourns Passing of Dr. Greg Bach

The Lyme Disease Association is sad to announce the death of Dr. Gregory P. Bach, a decades-long physician treating patients with Lyme & tick-borne diseases. Dr. Bach initially worked/trained with Lyme pioneer, clinician Dr. John Drulle, in New Jersey, and Dr. Bach then opened an office in Pennsylvania.  
He and his wife, Deb Bach, long served the Lyme community. They also wrote a book for kids 4-8 years old, The Bravest Rescue Puppy, a true story about the struggles of a service dog and dedicated the proceeds for Lyme disease research and for K-9 training.  
Dr. Bach was not afraid to think outside the box. The LDA awarded Dr. Bach a research grant in 2000: Possibility of the Presence of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Human Semen,  the results of which he presented at the  April 21-23 2001 “14th international scientific conference on Lyme Disease & Other Tick-Borne Disorders” in CT.  
Greg Bach was not afraid to speak out on the issues, even in the very dangerous Lyme political arena of the 90s.  He helped to get one of the first Lyme bills introduced in Pennsylvania. He worked with the LDA to get federal legislation introduced.  I attended several meetings with him and legislators. He received an appointment to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Tick and Lyme Disease Task Force, August 13, 2014. 
The Lyme Disease Association will miss him as will his colleagues, patients, advocates, family, and friends. We  will not forget his contributions to understanding and healing those with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and his compassion for patients and their families.  We send our condolences to Deb Bach, family and friends.  We are thinking about you in this difficult time.