Dr. Nick Harris Retirement Tribute

The Lyme Disease Association and its chapter, affiliate, supporter groups, and LDAnet, held its annual meeting the night prior to the LDA’s 16th annual scientific conference. Thirty representatives from various groups across the country met to discuss their programs and to honor Nick Harris, PhD, past president of IGenex Labs on his retirement. He was presented with an award (Click here to see award) by LDA President Pat Smith, who read a tribute outlining his accomplishments (Click here to read tribute), and he was also provided with letters of tribute from dozens of Lyme groups across the country and one from Congressman Christopher H. Smith, who is co-chair of the US House Lyme Disease Caucus.
Dr. Harris’ tireless work to help Lyme patients get diagnosed has been hailed throughout the world by Lyme patients, Lyme groups and Lyme Literate Physicians. He will be sorely missed, although he will still be active in other capacities in Lyme disease work. 
2015 Harris PatNick Harris, PhD & Pat Smith, LDA President