Discussion About US Clinical Lyme Trials

Since the publication of a number of peer reviewed studies on Lyme disease long-term treatment trials funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), many articles and letters continue to be published in peer review and elsewhere commenting on the findings. Many doctors, researchers and Lyme organizations including the LDA, feel that the often broad-brushed study conclusion that there is no long term benefit from long-term antibiotic treatment cannot be drawn from the study data provided in the NIH funded studies and/or that important results are being disregarded. BA Fallon et al, Feb. 2014, in The American Journal of Medicine, is the latest published letter to discuss study conclusions.

The American Journal of Medicine
Although we agree with Klempner et al(1) that results from post hoc analyses of randomized controlled trials need to be viewed with caution, we are concerned that important results from planned analyses of primary hypotheses are being disregarded….