California Lyme Disease Association Announces Conference

Register now for CALDA’s 2nd annual patient conference in San Ramon (East Bay area in northern California) on Saturday April 24, 1:00 to 4:30 pm. Keynote speaker David Martz, MD, of Colorado, overcame his own ALS-death sentence with Lyme treatment and is now president-elect of ILADS. Some of California’s leading Lyme-literate doctors, including Christine Green, MD; Ray Stricker, MD; and Deborah Metzger, MD, will discuss Lyme diagnosis and treatment. Enrollment at a concurrent workshop for teens (age 13-19) is limited to 20 participants.

Sign up now! CALDA is an LDA affiliate.

LDA Update

The CALDA patient conference was very successful with about 200 registrants becoming educated about diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.