LDA Celebrates 50!

LDAUSALogo original loIn 2018, Lyme Disease Association Inc. (LDA) reached a milestone in its Lyme research support −the 50th journal article with LDA supported research was published. Articles found in 39 different journals begin in 1996 with the ground-breaking, Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in the Urine of Treated Patients with Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms: A PCR Study of 97 Cases, by the late Manfred Bayer in the journal Infection.

Journals range from The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Neurology, Genetics, Gene, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Journal of the American Medical Association, Biochemistry, Veterinary Sciences, Clinical Infectious Disease, Journal of International Neuropsychological Society to the most recent, Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases.

Researchers funded include, Drs. Ying Zhang, Brian Fallon, Ed Breitschwerdt, Steven Schutzer, Travis Taylor, Eva Sapi, Kerry Clark, Ben Luft and many more from across the U.S.

Other ground-breaking studies include:

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