Fallon Study Published – Questionnaire to Assess Symptom Burden in Lyme Patients

Brian A. Fallon, MD

Brian A. Fallon, Nevena Zubcevik et al. published an article in Frontiers in Medicine, December 6, 2019, The General Symptom Questionnaire-30 (GSQ-30): A Brief Measure of Multi-System Symptom Burden in Lyme Disease.

Conclusions and Relevance of the study:
“The GSQ-30 is a valid and reliable instrument to assess symptom burden among patients with acute and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome and is sensitive in the detection of change after treatment among patients with erythema migrans. The GSQ-30 should prove useful in clinical and research settings to assess multi-system symptom burden and to monitor change over time. The GSQ-30 may also prove useful in future precision medicine studies as a clinical measure to correlate with disease-relevant biomarkers.”

Dr. Fallon received LDA grant support for the project, and the resultant publication is the 52nd peer reviewed publication which focuses on LDA-supported research.

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