Select TCS Tick Control System, formerly The Maxforce: EPA Registered

Controlling ticks on property is something that government entities and the general public can do to help stop the spread of Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Now we have a device backed by scientific studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The device has been around a long time under a different name and has now been registered with EPA under a new name. 

Select TCS Tick Control System, formerly The Maxforce Tick Management System, is now EPA registered by Tick Box Technology Corporation based in Norwalk, CT. The owners of the company have tick control companies in five states.

The TCS kills ticks during larval and nymph stages when they are contracting the Lyme bacteria and other tick-borne disease organisms from small rodents such as mice and chipmunks, interrupting the transmission of tick-borne diseases. Pesticide safety is always a concern to homeowners, and this system minimizes that usage.

The Select Tick Control System is now registered and available in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas , Virginia and New Hampshire. Other states may soon register the device. Go to www.TICKBOXTCS.COM for more information.

NOTE: LDA does not endorse products nor is it affiliated with Tick Box Technology Corporation.