Lyme Vaccine Trial Sites Shut Down: Practice Violations

Lyme Disease Vaccine candidate VLA15Nantucket Current (Graziadei, J.) 2.18.23, reported that Pfizer has shut down its Lyme disease vaccine trial site in Nantucket. Pfizer informed all Lyme disease vaccine clinical trial participants that the site was shut down “following potential violations of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) at clinical trial sites operated by a third party.”

Studies of the vaccine have been ongoing in areas in the US and Europe. Pfizer announced that it is discontinuing half of the study participants. The vaccine, manufactured by Pfizer and Valneva, is in its third and final phase of clinical trials. Vaccine trial sites affected in this situation are those operated by a third party.

Care Access, a research organization located at the VFW, operated the Nantucket site. The number of trial participants on Nantucket is not known, although Nantucket has one of the highest rates of tick-borne diseases in the US.

An email from Pfizer to participants about the shutdown is included in the news story.

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