Tickmojis: Get Yours Free Today!

Fifteen-year-old Olivia Goodreau, founder of the Lyme advocacy group, LivLyme Foundation, has introduced the very first emoji icons to feature ticks called “Tickmojis” as a way to educate and spread awareness about TBD. Goodreau’s tick emojis illustrate ten of the most common tick species found in North America and were verified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“Our LivLyme Tickmojis are a way to have fun and laugh while promoting awareness of a very serious threat,” said Olivia. Previously, the young advocate developed a free mobile app called TickTracker that enables users to find out what kinds of ticks are found in their area, report bites, and upload photos in an effort to help scientists track tick populations.

Watch Olivia promote Tickmojis.

Mobile users can download the free “Tickmojis” at the Apple app store, or on the TickTracker and LivLyme Foundation websites.