2006 LDA/Columbia Medical Conference – Video Clips

Links below are video clips are from the “Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases: Seeking Answers Through Science 2006,” held in Philadelphia. PA

Download Free Real Player by clicking here.

Emerging Infections: Universal Biosensor Detection – David Ecker, Ph.D.
Beyond PCR to Whole Genome Amplification – Roger Lasken, Ph.D.
B-Lactam Antibiotics Offer Neuroprotection by Increasing Glutamate Transporter Expression – Jeffery D. Rothstein, MD, Ph.D.
Laboratory Diagnosis of Lyme Disease in Europe – Elisabeth Aberer, MD
Babesia microti Causes Down Regulation of Cytokines and Increased Severity of Lyme Arthritis – Manuel Moro, DVM, MPH, Ph.D.
Tissue Response to Chronic Borrelia Infection – Diego Cadavid, MD
Medical Hypothesis: Links Between Bb and Dementia – Alan MacDonald, MD
Cyst and L Forms in Dermatological Lyme amd Persistance – Elisabeth Aberer, MD
Cyst Forms and Antimicrobial Efficacy – Oystein Brorson, MD
Looking Beyond Lyme: Differential Diagnosis – Ernest Visconti, MD
Uses and Abuses of Neuroimaging in Lyme Disease – Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH

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