Yolken, Robert H.

Robert H. Yolken, MD
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Stanley Neurovirology Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD


The blood-immune gut axis: a big new idea in psychiatric disorders

Dr. Yolken is the Theodore and Vada Stanley Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He chairs the Stanley Division of Developmental Neurovirology, the nation’s first pediatric research center designed to investigate links between early childhood infections and severe mental illness including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and autism.  His research group is investigating whether these disorders can be associated with prior exposure to viral triggers such as herpesviruses and influenza viruses as well as eukaryotic organisms such as Candida albicans and the Toxoplasma gondii. Their research indicates that antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory medications have the potential to treat or prevent serious psychiatric disorders in some individuals. Dr. Yolken attended Harvard College and Harvard Medical School and received post-doctoral training at Cornell University and the National Institutes of Health. He has over 480 published peer-reviewed articles and numerous book chapters and presentations at scientific meeting.