Aucott, John

Aucott official loJohn Aucott, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine;
Director, Johns Hopkins Rheumatology Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center
Baltimore, MD

Updates on Research in Lyme Disease

Dr. Aucott is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at Johns Hopkins University Medical School and the Director of the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center. He is principal investigator for the SLICE studies of acute Lyme disease and Post-treatment Lyme disease Syndrome. His research interests center on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of persistent illness after initial antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease and has resulted in over 25 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Aucott is an internationally recognized authority on Lyme disease and has served on panels sponsored by the Institute of Medicine, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the American Academy for the Advancement of Science.

Conference Lecture Summary

Chronic Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood and controversial diagnosis in modern medicine. This talk will examine the origin of the term and how it has evolved over time. The relationship of the Chronic Lyme diagnosis to disease phenotype, pathophysiology, and available diagnostic biomarkers will be examined. The research case definition of post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome will be examined in the context of chronic Lyme disease. Finally, the importance of defining terms will be highlighted using clinical and research case examples