2010 LDA Conference Objectives

Target Audience

The target population is physicians from all specialties, nurses, psychologists,
scientists, public health workers.  It is also open to the public. No special
background is required for effective participation, although those whose
practices contain a high proportion of Lyme disease patients and those whose
research concentrates on Borrelia burgdorferi will receive the most benefit.

Educational objectives of the activity   

  • To learn about the clinical manifestations and treatment of Lyme in the United States.
  • To learn about the clinical manifestations and treatment of other tick-borne diseases
  • To learn about the possible mechanisms of central nervous system disease in Lyme.
  • To learn about the potential application of IV immunoglobulin therapy in autoimmune peripheral neuropathy.
  • To learn about Vitamin D and the role of the endocrine system in chronic illness.
  • To learn the essentials of the emergency room management of patients with possible TBD. 
  • To learn about the relative performance of different blood tests in Lyme disease screening.

Expected learning outcomes

As a result of participating in this conference, the attendee will feel much
better armed to educate and treat patients with tick-borne diseases. This will
result in a greater openness to discussion with patients and colleagues about
tick-borne illnesses.