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Message from the LDA President on Recordings – Major Zoom Failure

I am happy to report that the conference video recordings are now available for Attendees to view. I am sorry to report that Zoom did not follow through and provide us a finished posted secure video recording for conference attendees to view and were unresponsive to our repeated requests. The LDA had to develop an entirely different process to create the recording system provided below for attendees. Thanks to our LDA tech who did a great job. We are sorry for the delay and inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Zoom Recordings Login Instructions:

NOTE: Conference session 1 will be available soon!


(For Conference Attendees Only)

1. Click this link:

2. Go to upper right side of page to click Sign In to go to Zoom account using your Zoom email address & your Zoom password that you used to register for the conference (if you are already signed in with that account, then go directly to 3)  

3. Scroll down to see All Events -> under that Click “Past”.

  • (DO NOT click on “Recordings” -the recordings are not in those areas)

4. Scroll down to see list of Session recordings to choose which one you want to view.

Click on “Recording available in Event Lobby” at the right of the thumbnail you want to view. (DO NOT click on the thumbnail or the title of the video)

  • If a box called Your Information pops up, Click the button “Agree and Join” 

5. Scroll below video and look for Details and click Show More which will show speakers names and titles of presentations.

6. If that is what you want to watch, Click on the green “Watch Recording” Button.

7. Click on play arrow in video to watch.



You need to get to the main page where all sessions are listed by doing one of the following:

8. When you are finished watching a video, DO Close the tab named “ALL-IN-ONE at the top of your screen. (Do Not click the Close button at bottom right, and Do Not click the “x” at the top right.) You will now be on the page listing all 6 sessions that you can select from. Then Do Follow steps 4 -7 above.


9. When you are finished watching a video, Click the Close button at bottom right. Then scroll down and click Show More. And then click the “Back to LDA Zoom Event Hub.” Then Follow steps 3 thru 7.

(* If you have problems with these two options, you can go back to the original link and start again on Step #1.)

Problems accessing the recordings? Contact
[email protected]

Information About LDA:

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Information From Speakers for Attendees:

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