Elizabeth L Maloney, MD


President, Partnership for Tick-borne Diseases Education
Education Co-director for Invisible International

Question Facilitator 


Dr. Elizabeth L. Maloney is a Minnesota family physician. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School and its affiliated Family Medicine residency. Her current focus is on tick-borne diseases education and policy. She began providing comprehensive, evidence-based, accredited continuing medical education courses for physicians in 2007 and subsequently became the founder and president of Partnership for Tick-borne Diseases Education, a non-profit organization providing online and live evidence-based continuing medical education programming and materials on tick-borne diseases for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Dr. Maloney has authored several peer-reviewed papers on Lyme disease, including GRADE-based treatment guidelines.

Dr. Maloney also acts as a consultant to government agencies and private organizations. She was an appointed member of the 2021 federal advisory committee, Tick-Borne Disease Working Group (TBDWG); prior to that appointment she worked on three different subcommittees of the TBDWG. Dr. Maloney was a peer reviewer for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She has also provided testimony regarding tick-borne disease to several state legislative committees. Dr. Maloney enjoys speaking to the general public on tick-borne diseases, where she emphasizes the need to consistently use readily available tick bite prevention strategies. The hallmark of all of her work is that it represents a broad-based and detailed evaluation of the evidence.


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