LDA Grant Summary Stats: 1992 – 2020

LDA supports research, education and treatment for children without insurance via it’s grant awards programs.

Research Grant Stats



122 grants distributed to researchers across the USA since 1992 LDA grants have resulted in publications in 56 Scientific Peer-Reviewed Journals (Click here for publications), and have also led to scientific conference presentations by researchers. (Click here for conferences)


Decriptions of LDA grant awards
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Alfredo M. Angeles-Boza, PhDJames Krueger, MD, PhD / Schutzer, MD
Gregory Bach, DOMichael Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Marylynn Barkley, MD, PhDBenjamin Luft, MD
Effie E. Bastounis, PhDJoanna Lyon, MA
Manfred Bayer, MDAlan MacDonald, MD
Edward Breitschwerdt, DVMMark E. McCaulley, MD
Steve Burke, MDZhaid B.M. Niazi, MD / Charles Pavia, PhD
Joseph Burrascano, Jr, MDWilliam V. Padula, OD
Daniel Cameron, MDNikhat Parveen, PhD
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (Rick Ostfeld, PhD)Jose E. Petri, PhD
Jorge Cervantes, MD, PhDMario Phillip, MD
Nicole ChinniciSteven Phillips, MD
Kerry Clark, MPH, PhDMaria M. Picken, MD, PhD
Madeleine Cunningham, PhDElizabeth Raveche, MD/ Schutzer, MD
Christine Ann Denny, PhDAaron Rybski, L.E.H.P.
Sam Donta, MDEva Sapi, PhD
Paul Duray, MDRitchie Schoemaker, MD
Marina Eremeeva, MD, PhD, ScDH. Ralph Schumacher, MD / Bayer, MD
Brian Fallon, MDSteven Schutzer, MD
Karl Ford, PhDAlireza Senejani, PhD
Martin Fried, MDTravis Taylor, PhD
David E. Fulford, PhDDavid Younger, MD
Andrea Gaito, MDElyes Zhioua, PhD
Alan R. Giese, PhDYing Zhang, MD
Dolores E. Hill, PhDJoshua Zimmerberg, MD, PhD
Richard Horowitz, MD


Allegheny Univ of the Health Sciences (PA)Padula Institute of Vision Rehabilitation
Boston University Medical Center (MA)Rockefeller University (NY)
Brigham & Woman's Hospital (MA)Science Center University City (PA)
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (NY)Shenandoah School of Pharmacy (VA)
Colorado State UniversityStony Brook University (NY)
Columbia Univ College of Physicians & SurgeonsTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaTulane Regional Primate Center (LA)
Fox Chase Cancer Center (PA)University of California, Davis
Georgia Southern University Research & Service Fdn.University of Connecticut
Jersey Shore Medical Center (NJ)University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
Johns Hopkins University (MD)University of New Haven (CT)
Kendall County Health Department (IL)University of North Florida
Lyndon State University (VT)University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
New York UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
New York Medical CollegeUniversity of Rhode Island
New York State Psychiatric InstituteUniversity of South Dakota
NIH/NASA* (MD)University of Toledo (OH)
North Carolina State UniversityUniversity of Washington
Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory; Pike County Commissioners (PA)US Dept. of Agriculture (UDSA)

* National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)



Education Grant Stats

PURPOSES of Education Grants

Publications – includes (Lyme Times, The Basics, TX Lyme Disease brochure, TBD textbook)
Curriculum project
Distribution of materials to school nurses
Projects in the schools
Support medical conferences & Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits Symposia

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Places: 24 States / 2 Countries


155 Grants Awarded Since 1999: 

Allegheny Health (1)Maine Lyme (1)
Arrant, Karan MSN, Univ of Louisiana, Monroe (1)Manasar, Armand, DDS, Bard Conf, NY (1)
Berenbaum, Sandy, CSW-R, BCD, Leventhal, Judith PhD, Exman, Pat, (CT) (1)Maryland Lyme Information & Support Grp (5)
CALDA/ (17)Mid-Coast Lyme Disease Support & Ed., ME (8)
Central Jersey Lyme Support (Kahn) (1)Mid-Shore Lyme Disease Assoc., Inc., MD (1)
Central Mass Lyme Foundation (1)Mineral Area College (MO) (Conference) (1)
Clinic of Angels, FL (1)Minnesota Lyme Association/Minnesota Lyme Action Support (5)
Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Assn. (4)Mountain Valley Lyme Disease Awareness Coalition (1)
Columbia University Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center (NY)(2)Mountain Valley Lyme Disease Support & Ed, ME (1)
Florida Lyme Advocacy, Inc. (2)NE Ohio Lyme Foundation (3 )
Friends of Ridgefield Community Programs/Lyme Connections, CT (5)New York University, David Younger, MD (1)
Georgia Lyme Disease Association (2)North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation (1)
H. Holtry (PA) (2)North Texas Lyme Group (1)
Harford Cnty Lyme Disease Support Grp, Inc., MD (3)Oregon Lyme Disease Network, Inc. (1)
Inglis, Wendy PT, NJ (1)Partnership for Tick-Borne Diseases Education (MN) (4)
Int'l Lyme & Assoc. Diseases Society, ILADS, MD (5)Patricia McCleary, SLAM, Sturbridge LymeAwareness (6)
Karl Ford, PhD (1)Reid, Jennifer CT (1)
Leisure, Katherine Murray, MD (1)S.W. Barthold, DVM, PhD (CA) (1)
LDA Dr. Referral Prog. Grant and/or Website (NY)(10)Seybold, Lynn, BSN, RN Univ. of Pittsburg, School of Nursing (PA) (1)
Lyme Association of Greater Kansas City, Inc. (16)Singh, Harjit, MD Hackettstown Regional Medical Ctr (NJ) (1)
Lyme Disease Assoc. of Southeastern PA, Inc. (9)Stolow-Bedard, Jen, NY (1)
Lyme Disease Network of NJ, Inc., (7)Texas Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (2)
Lyme Disease United Coalition IA (1)Time For Lyme, Inc., CT (1)
Lyme Rights, NY (1)University of Rhode Island Foundation for URI Tick Encounter (1)
Lyme Society (1)University of Texas Dallas (1)
Lyme Society of the UK (England) (1) (2)
Lyme West NY (1)Western Tide Water Med Reserve Grp, VA (3)
Macon County Soil & Water Conservation District, IL (2)

Lyme Conference Educational Grants

95 Lyme Conference Educational Grants Awarded since 2015 / Number of Recipients per State:
2019  – 30 Scholarships (States TBA)
Total $ TBA
2018 NH (4), MA (2) ME, AZ, FL (2), VT (2), OH, NY GA, CO, ME
Total $12, 217
2017 4-NY, OH, 2-NJ, 2-MA, ME, PA, CO, VT, MD, CA
Total $11,372.32

2016  CA, CO, ME, MD, 2-MN, MO, 2-NJ, 3-NY, OH, VT, 2-WA, WI

Total: $18,141.19

2015  NC, AZ, 2-PA, MD, OH, CA, 3-NJ, 3-NY, 3-MA

Total: $10,712.98


LymeAid 4 Kids Grant Stats

LymeAid4Kids Logo2014Small

  $$400,400 Distributed Since 2004!

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In 2020, 17 applicants were awarded grants for a total of $17,000

2 California, 4 Connecticut, 1 Florida, 1 Maryland, 1 Montana, 1 Oregon, 5 Pennsylvania, 1 Rhode Island, 1 Virginia

In 2019, 38 applicants were awarded grants for a total of $38,000:

1 California 8 Maryland
2 Connecticut 1 New York
1 Florida 23 Pennsylvania
1 Idaho  1 Virginia

In 2018, 7 applicants were awarded grants for a total of $7,000:

1 Pennsylvania 1 North Carolina
2 Maryland 1 Tennessee
2 Mississippi  

In 2017, 18 applicants were awarded grants for a total of $17,400:

4 Oregon 4 Maryland
5 Connecticut 1 Indiana
1 New York 1 Kansas
1 Pennsylvania 1 Idaho


In 2016, 45 applicants were awarded grants for a total of $45,000:

1 Maine 2 Ohio
1 Connecticut
1 Michigan
4 Pennsylvania 6 New York
1 Illinois 2 North Carolina
1 Florida 5 California
3 Massachusetts 2 Oregon
1 Texas 1 Mississippi
2 Tennessee 5 New Jersey
7 Virginia  


In 2015, 26 applicants were awarded grants for a total of $26,000:

6 Maine 4 Ohio
1 Connecticut
1 Michigan
2 Washington 2 New York
1 Illinois 1 North Carolina
3 Indiana 1 California
1 Oklahoma 3 Oregon


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NOTE: This document is a work in progress.  Grants are awarded based on application submission, process of expert review when required, & subject to LDA Board of Directors’ approval (all grants may not be listed)