To help increase awareness and education throughout the country, the LDA believes it is essential to work with and assist other Lyme organizations. Since 1999 we have awarded 138 educational grants to groups from across the country and some to universities. A majority of the grants were used for the following: Publications (Lyme Times, The Basics, TX Lyme Disease brochure, a tick-borne disease textbook), school Curriculum project, Lyme disease websites, distribution of materials to School Nurses, host various educational projects in schools, support medical conferences including several offering CME awards, sponsor physicians for CME medical conferences, sponsor Lyme disease symposia, provide educational in-service meetings for schools and companies.

11 December 2018

To help increase awareness and education throughout the country, LDA believes it is essential to work with and assist other Lyme organizations.

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08 December 2014

The Lyme Disease Association Board of Directors has set up an educational grant in honor of the late Dr. Lis Heininger, who was long time Chapter Chair of the Corning/Fingerlakes Area Lyme Disease Association Chapter. The grant will be awarded annually to an individual advocate or an organization that has little to no funds to operate and may face adverse personal conditions yet continues to work for the Lyme cause. This year, LDA has awarded the first Dr. Lis Heininger Memorial Education Grant to the Lyme Disease United Coalition in Iowa, whose president, Judy Weeg, has overcome tremendous obstacles yet has continued her work with the Coalition.

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01 February 2013

The LDA annually awards a number of small education grants. Sometimes they are restricted to publications or conferences. Below is a sample of those grants.

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08 May 2012

Working with S.L.A.M., Sturbridge Lyme Awareness of Massachusetts, the Lyme Disease Association (LDA) provided a grant to S.L.A.M to have the printing done for a MA billboard. According to S.L.A.M. Founder Trish McCleary, who was responsible for getting its donation through LAMAR advertising,"This is the second year for a billboard for S.L.A.M. The billboard is located Rt. 20A opposite Rt. 291 Southbound in Springfield MA."

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23 February 2010

2010 Annual Conference - March 11th to 14th St. Louis, Missouri. The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates(COPAA. Judith Leventhal, PhD, Patricia Exman, Education Advocate and Sandy Berenbaum, LCSW, BCD will be presenting “Complex Multi-System Medical Illness: Educational Needs and Advocacy Strategies.” Using Lyme disease as the model, the presentation will provide information about the complexity of symptoms and resulting cognitive and functional impairments that can interfere with a child’s ability to learn and attend school regularly.

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