TBDWG: Jan. 2020 Meeting in DC/In-person, Written Comments Accepted

The 11th meeting of the Tick-borne Disease Working Group (TBDWG) will be held on January 28 and 29, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET on both days (times are tentative). The site has announced that, for this meeting, the eight subcommittees will present their findings and potential actions for the TBDWG to consider. The TBDWG will hear updates from Public Comments and Inventory Subcommittees as well as advance discussions regarding plans for developing the 2020 report to the HHS Secretary and Congress on federal tick-borne activities and research. Information provided via Public Comment will be summarized and provided to the subcommittees for review and possible incorporation into the next TBDWG report.

The meeting will take place at the Hyatt Place Washington DC/US Capitol located at 33 New York Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002. In-person attendance is limited to space available. Pre-reregistration for public members is advised and can be accomplished by registering on the site. Click Here to register to attend the 11th TBDWG Meeting in person.

 To request an opportunity for in-person Verbal comments:

  • Requests for verbal (in-person) public comment must be submitted via email by midnight Tuesday, January 17, 2020, ET to In the Subject line please enter: Verbal Public Comment – January 28-29 Meeting.
  • A total of 30 minutes has been set aside for verbal comments on both days. Each person will be limited to only 3 minutes so that as many speakers can be accommodated as possible. Speakers will be randomly selected if more requests are received than can be accommodated.
  • In-person remarks will be heard over a live webcast will become part of the archived meeting recording and summary which will be posted on the website.

To submit Written comments which will be posted on the webpage and accessible to the public:

  • Written public comments must be submitted via email by midnight Tuesday, January 17, 2020, ET to In the Subject line please enter: Written Public Comment – January 28-29 Meeting.
  • Please include a statement indicating how you would like to be identified with your comment. You may choose to use your name or to be anonymous. You may also list your city and/or state. If you are providing comments on behalf of an organization, please include the name of the organization. The TBDWG cannot post your comment until you advise how you would like to be identified.
  • Comments should either be provided in the body of your email, or in an attachment in Word format and equivalent to no more than 4 pages in Calibri or Times New Roman, 11 point font. Text that exceeds the 4 pages will be deleted.
  • The TBDWG does not post graphics, images, text boxes, or tables. If included with your comment, they will not be able to retain them.
  • The TBDWG can only create hyperlinks to “.gov” sites (local, state, or federal). For all other reference sites, please insert the full URL (e.g.,
  • The TBDWG is unable to include attachments as supporting documentation to written comments.

Members of the public who cannot attend in-person may attend the meeting via webcast. Instructions for attending via webcast will be posted approximately one week prior to the meeting.

Click Here for furthered information on the website, including the meeting agenda and more details on how to provide public comment.