New Hampshire Bill Passed Both Houses

UPDATE May 6, 2015 The House concurred voice vote with HB363 as further amended by the Senate. Bill passed. Awaiting Governor’s signature.

UPDATE April 20, 2015: HB363 passed the full Senate with an amendment moving the starting date closer 

Wednesday April 8, 2015, 9:30am, HB363, a Lyme disease bill, will be heard in the Senate. The bill passed the General Assembly in amended form and now is in the Senate Public & Municipal Affairs Committee, Legislative Office Building, Room 120.

Name: An act relative to Lyme disease awareness
Status: Signed into law May 14, 2015 as Chapter 0042
Purpose: May Lyme Awareness and adds “” to DHHS website

Bill link:
(Type “lyme” in Search Text box; and “2015” for year to get House Bill 363)

The LDA has submitted favorable written testimony to the Committee.