MA Legislature Overrides Gov. Lyme Bill Veto

Patient Victory in MA! Three minutes before midnight on July 31 in a 37-1 vote, the MA Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto of the Lyme bill which contained the language supported by patients for mandatory insurance coverage for long-term treatment. This vote followed closely the override vote in the House on July 30 with a vote of 153-3. The LDA congartulates MA on its great victory and thanks all involved, especially the MA Legislative Task Force who led the override effort, and all those who called or wrote to demand relief for patients. Thank you, MA legislature, for listening. Click here for MA Legislative Task Force Press Release

HISTORY–Governor Vetoes Patient Lyme Language–Governor Baker has vetoed the H4491. He has also filed an alternate bill which is unacceptable. The legislature is preparing to override his veto, but MA residents ONLY must continue to urge them to do so in the largest numbers possible. The message is simple and direct: please OVERRIDE Governor Baker’s veto of H4491, the Lyme treatment coverage bill.

The House and Senate will be in formal session on Saturday and Sunday, which is when the override vote can occur. We need to contact them now. Massachusetts residents only – and each person should contact only her/his own state representative and state legislator.

(This action is supported by the Lyme Disease Association, Inc. which had already testified originally on bill and also written the Governor)

Click here for history of bill actions

Message above from the Lyme Legislative Task Force

Helen Brown – Whitman

Donna Castle – Ayer

Janice Dey – Westport

Susan Fairbank-Pitzer – Danvers

Sharon Hawkes, MLIS – Nahant

Jayme Kulesz – Groton

Robin LeMieux – Lowell

Sheila Statlender, Ph.D. – Framingham