ME Lyme Bill Passes Into Law

“An Act to Improve Access to Treatments for Lyme Disease” passed both houses of the Maine legislature and was given to the Governor who did not veto or sign the bill. Under Maine law, that means the bill becomes law. The bill provides for doctor protection for doctors who prescribe long term treatment for Lyme disease.  Congratulations to the Maine advocates who worked so hard to make this happen!  The LDA provided testimony favorable to bill passage.


This bill prohibits the Board of Licensure in Medicine from disciplining a physician or revoking or suspending a physician’s license for prescribing, administering or dispensing long-term antibiotic therapy to a patient with acute, persistent or chronic Lyme disease if the therapy was pursuant to a treatment plan recommended by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that considered the patient’s individual circumstance or was in the best judgment of the physician with respect to the particular patient or special clinical situation.

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