DC Lyme Hearing: View & Take Action Best Article for Summary of Lyme Hearing

The 2 hour July 17, 2012 Congressional hearing, Global Challenges in Diagnosing and Managing Lyme Disease – Closing Knowledge Gaps, was held by the Africa, Global Health and Human Rights Subcommittee on July 17, 2012 in Washington, DC.  This article contains testimonies and video. 

Witnesses could submit both give their oral testimony of 5 minutes at the hearing and could in addition submit longer written testimony to the Subcommittee. 

Oral Presentations (approx. 5 minute short spoken statements to committee):

2012-07 PSmithDCHearingSm

Ms. Patricia Smith, President, Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (Oral testimony statement)     ( Longer written testimony  Prepared Statement)

Stephen W. Barthold, Ph.D. (prepared statement)
Raphael Stricker, M.D.(prepared statement)
Mark Eshoo, Ph.D. (prepared statement)
Mr. Evan White (prepared statement)
Ms. Stella Huyshe-Shires (prepared statement)


Significance of Hearing & Links to :

The significance of the hearing is that it is the first time Congress has looked at the global implications of Lyme disease and chronic Lyme disease, and focusing on the science and putting patients first. Witnesses gave testimony about how policies and actions by government agencies such as CDC and NIH and of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) have hindered research on chronic Lyme disease and have hindered patient diagnosis and treatment. Solid science was presented for the record showing persistence in animal studies and cutting-edge testing for Lyme was examined.

View points from a treating physician, advocate and patient were finally able to become part of public record and part of the solution.


Below Video – Congressman Christopher Smith Opening Remarks VIDEO AVAILABLE

NOTE: LDA  has no control over sound issues on this government video


View Full Hearing Video & Links to Prepared Statements (sent to entire committee several days prior to hearing): FULL VIDEO CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 

2012-07 SmithHearingLogoVideo now available here FULL VIDEO CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 

(Note:To view this video need Flash Player / The actual video does not begin until 29:00 –  use your mouse to slide button to right to bring time to 29:00 faster) FULL VIDEO CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 




Congressman Smith’s News On Hearing:

2012-07 CSmithTLynaghDCHearingSmMay be found on his website at





Action Items:

1) The LDA suggests that you send a BRIEF one page fax to the following US
House Representatives thanking them for their role (listed after their name in
parenthesis) in this hearing:

Congressman Christopher H.Smith (NJ), (Subcommittee Chairman) 202 225 7768 (fax)
Congresswoman Karen Bass (CA), (Subcommittee Member who attended) 202 225 2422 (fax)
Congressman Frank Wolf (VA) (attendee) 202 225 0437 (fax)
Congressman Chris Gibson (NY) (attendee) 202 225 1168 (fax)

If any of the congressmen above are your US Representative, you can send an email through their email on their website.  Those emails are usually limited to constituents.

2) Contact your US House Representative (one) and your US Senators (two) and ask that they co-sponsor the current Lyme bills in congress.