TBDWG Mtg 12: Public Comments (Video)

At the start of the second day of the HHS Tick-Borne Disease Working Group meeting in Philadelphia on March 4, 2020,  nine Lyme disease advocates and patients who preregistered either called in or were present at the meeting in person  to provide public comments.   Their input was invaluable and helped Working Group  members appreciate issues  of concern throughout the country.

TBD Working Group Committee Members / Meeting #12 Agenda / LDA Written Summary of Meeting

Full Video:  March 3rd – Day 1 / March 4th – Day 2

Other Video Clips:  Training, Education, Access to Care / Dr. Donta, MD & Other 


Public Comments:  Day 2, March 4th

Lonnie Markham, LDO-Tick Attachment Time Phyllis Mervine, Pres LDO- 2 Standards of Care Mira Shapiro, LDO- Big Data Research
Dorothy Leland, VP LDO-Process Integrity Melissa Potter, LDO- Patient Registry-MyLymeData Jennifer Platt,TBC United-Alpha-gal & lesser known conditions
Mark Liberto-Patient Story Dr. Betty Maloney-CDC Treatment Recommendations Jill Auerbach- Prevention Emergency


Lonnie Markham, LDO:  Tick Attachment Time
1:41:57 to 1:44:42
6117 to 6282

Dorothy Leland, VP LDO:  Process Integrity
1:52:05 to 1:55:17
6725 to 6917

Mark Liberto:  Patient Story
1:55:18 to 1:59:11
6918 to 7151

Phyllis Mervine, President LDO:  2 Standards of Care
1:59:14 to 2:02:39
7154 to 7359

Melissa Potter, LDO:  Patient Registry-MyLymeData
2:02:40 to 2:05:39
7360 to 7539

Dr. Betty Maloney:  CDC Treatment Recommendations
2:05:40 to 2:08:47
7540 to 7727

Mira Shapiro, LDO:  Big Data Research
2:08:49 to 2:11:55
7729 to 7915

Jennifer Platt,TBC United:  Alpha-gal & lesser known conditions
2:11:55 to 2:15:04
7915 to 8104

Jill Auerbach, HVLDA:  Prevention Emergency
2:15:05 to 2:18:01
8105 to 8281