Tick IPM Academy

The IPM Institute of North America, in collaboration with the Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease and TickEncounter, is thrilled to announce the first annual Tick IPM Academy November 6 -7 in Madison, Wisconsin! 

Who should attend?
  •    pest management and landscape care professionals, facility/institutional/public grounds managers
  •    educators, Extension, public health, government, school and state regulatory professionals
Participants will learn:
  1.  Key concepts in tick biology, disease diagnosis and treatment
  2.  Hands-on, practical strategies and tactics to reduce tick populations and public health impacts
  3.  Current knowledge gaps, innovative research efforts and anticipated near-term advances
Download Flyer and Registration Form here.
Please forward completed registration form to:
IPM Institute of North America, Attn: Maria Weber, 211 S Paterson St #380, Madison, WI 53703
Email: mweber@ipminstitute.org, Fax: 608-232-1440 Phone: 608-232-1410 ext. 1009