NEW: LDA State-of-the-Art Doctor Referral Now Open!

Dr Referral ImageThe Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (LDA) is pleased to announce the opening of its new, free LDA Doctor Referral System ©. The System is provided as a service; LDA does not provide recommendations. Many of these doctors are known as LLMDs (Lyme Literate Doctors), those doctors “in the trenches” who are very knowledgeable about Lyme disease and treating patients, and who are more open to treating patients with chronic Lyme & other TBD, sometimes using long-term treatments. Other specialists who may not treat Lyme disease itself but some specific symptoms and understand about Lyme disease are also included, as are some laboratories and other healthcare providers, including some international providers. The LDA was started as an organization of patients and families of patients 30 years ago and continues to be so and has had an online doctor referral system for 15 years—a system which was the first automated referral for LLMDs doctors across the US who treat Lyme disease. The updated system provides a higher level of information,  is easier to use, provides more searches and providers. The Lyme Disease Association thanks the LDA team and all those in the Lyme community who provided input into the system’s development by the Team for making this happen. Go to Dr. Referral