About the Doctor Referral




 Welcome to the Lyme Disease Association’s Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases Doctor Referral System. This system was developed to provide patients with names of physicians who are knowledgeable about chronic Lyme disease and often about many other tick-borne diseases. They are often referred to as Lyme Literate Physicians [LLMD]. Tens of thousands of patients have successfully used this system to locate a treating physician.

Because there is a negative political climate surrounding Lyme disease, many LLMDs do not want their names posted outright on the internet. LDA has tried to balance the doctors’ wishes with patients’ need to find a doctor, and this system is a result of that compromise. 

Thus, LDA is limiting access to (3) three searches per (30) thirty day period.

At this time, because of the limited number of physicians treating chronic Lyme disease nationwide, some states and even entire regions may not have any treating physicians who follow flexible treating approaches such as those espoused in the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society [ILADS] Guidelines for chronic Lyme disease. You will be randomly sent to the 3 closest ones based on the zip code you enter and the doctor’s specialty selected, although the provider may not be physically close to you. That situation is beyond the LDA’s control. We will update the list as we receive additional treating doctors.  Some laboratories and other health care providers are also included on this list for your convenience.

DISCLAIMER: The Lyme Disease Association provides referrals to health care providers who treat Lyme disease as a courtesy to those seeking Lyme literate physicians. We do not evaluate the professional competence or qualifications of health care providers on our list. Accordingly, the LDA neither warrants nor endorses the health care providers contained on this list nor the quality of care you will receive from those providers. We do not make recommendations, only referrals.

We cannot guarantee that the information provided will be timely and accurate or that physicians on the list are accepting new patients, or that they accept insurance. The selection of a physician should be made by you after careful consideration. There are two approaches in the treatment of Lyme disease. Our list contains physicians who follow more flexible treatment approaches than those advocated by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Please check the physicians’ addresses with them before you go, and also check the directions with them. Do not rely on the maps which are provided. The maps are provided for informational purposes to give you an approximate idea of the vicinity and are based on the providers’ addresses that we have at data entry time. Addresses change. LDA is not responsible for any incorrect information contained in this system.  

We do not make, accept, or reply to any comments on how doctors practice or any other aspect of the doctor-patient relationship. LDA does not receive any monies from physicians on this list to be on this list.

We do not maintain or provide information on insurance carriers used by physicians. Do not email asking us which doctor accepts which insurance. Thanks.




NOTE: For questions or if you find a doctor is no longer at location, email us at