Groundbreaking Study on Long COVID and Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme disease and COVID-19PR Newswire (6.10.2024) published the article, “MIT Selects Movano Health for Groundbreaking Study on Long COVID and Chronic Lyme Disease.” A groundbreaking study by MIT in partnership with Movano Health aims to revolutionize the understanding of long COVID and chronic Lyme disease.

The MAESTRO study will utilize Movano’s Evie Ring, a medical-grade continuous health monitoring device, to gather comprehensive data from 300 adults aged 18-35 across four cohorts: acute Lyme disease, chronic Lyme disease, long COVID, and a control group. There are an estimated 40 million affected by long COVID. With 10-15% of cases developing into chronic Lyme disease and the long term health effects still a mystery, this research seeks to uncover critical insights into these conditions.

John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano Health, highlights the potential for the Evie Ring to provide reliable and accessible health data, marking a significant advancement in personalized patient care. Dr. Michal Caspi Tal, from the MIT Center for Gynepathology Research, emphasizes the study’s goal to understand why some individuals recover quickly while others suffer long-term effects.

The Tal Research Group, led by Dr. Tal, researching complex chronic conditions, specializing in chronic Lyme disease, acute Lyme disease, long COVID, and ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, aims to bridge knowledge gaps and enhance diagnostics and treatments of these complex conditions. Movano Health, founded in 2018, focuses on innovative healthcare solutions, integrating advanced wearable technologies to deliver personalized health insights. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in chronic disease research and patient care.

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