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is inhumane and immoral.  There are no chronic Lyme disease patient studies supporting symptomatic therapies, which presumably would be necessary for life at considerable cost to insurers and society.  Moreover, the IDSA rejected out-of-hand the requests by patients and their treating physicians to participate in the guideline development process.  No medical society should be able to dictate patient healthcare through exclusionary guidelines that ignore considerable scientific evidence and fail to meet the basic goal of medicine─to improve the quality of life of the patient.
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Dogs Have More Reasons Than Ever to Be Ticked Off

Veterinary medicine at the forefront of uncovering multiple tick-borne diseases

WESTBROOK, Maine (May 8, 2006) – When people think of ticks lurking in the woods, their backyard or a park, they often consider the dreaded Lyme disease they may carry. However, new research is discovering many of these eight-legged creatures carry multiple diseases that can be contracted by people — and even more so by their four-legged friends.

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For more information on Lyme in Dogs go to, which is operated by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

Reported Lyme Cases by State

CDC has indicated reported cases are about 10% of actual cases that meet the CDC surveillance criteria

Pocopson Township, PA Lyme Disease Survey

CHESTER COUNTY, PA, JULY 12:  In a recent mail survey sent to all 848 residential addresses in Pocopson Township, 46% of the responding households reported that at least one family member has had Lyme disease.

New Jersey Case numbers/rates by County

The reported numbers in this chart, which come from the NJ Department of Health, show a per county breakdown of Lyme disease cases in New Jersey by numbers of cases and rates of incidence from 2000-2006. The CDC has indicated that only 10% of cases that meet its surveillance definition are actually reported, thus true numbers may be 10 times higher than these reported numbers.

A letter from LDA

A letter from LDA and nationwide Lyme groups opposing changes in CDC surveillance criteria for Lyme adopted by CSTE and CDC in 2008.

CDC Response

LDA Maps Lyme Across the USA – View Reported Case Numbers with a click!

Individual maps from 1990 through 2006 and total case number map 1990-2006 including state reporting criteria changes.  Click on individual states for a pop up case number table and an incidence map.  All have printer-friendly versions.