LA4K Benefit by DE 87ers Basketball 2/17/15

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– Sevens, Delle Donne and University of Delaware College of Health Sciences to host LymeAid 4 Kids night –

NEWARK, DE – Feb. 13, 2015 – The Delaware 87ers today announced LymeAid 4 Kids night, presented by the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at the Bob Carpenter Center “The Bob.” Link to The Bob

The national non-profit Lyme Disease Association’s LymeAid 4 Kids fund raises monies for families who are struggling to pay for Lyme diagnosis and treatment, due to lack of insurance coverage for Lyme and financial hardship. The LDA has given out over $250,000 to help kids.
2015 delaware87ers
The 87ers will host the Westchester Knicks on Tuesday in an NBA Development League Atlantic Division contest. That night, the Sevens will wear special lime green shooting shirts that feature the LymeAid 4 Kids logo on the front, and the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences logo on the back. Each shooting shirt will be available for purchase via an auction at the game.

In partnership with the Lyme Disease Association, WNBA All-Star and Delaware 87ers goodwill ambassador Elena Delle Donne will make an appearance at the game, as the Sevens will host a number of activities featuring the former University of Delaware star.

The first 500 fans in attendance will receive a Rally Rag courtesy of University of Delaware College of Health Sciences. Before the game, Delle Donne will host a VIP event in the Club for Courtside Seat Holders. From the second quarter through halftime, the former Blue Hen basketball star will be signing autographs for $10, with all proceeds benefitting LymeAid 4 Kids. At halftime, the 87ers will draw a random lucky seat, and the winner will be upgraded to sit courtside next to Delle Donne for the duration of the third quarter.



For tickets, please visit www.sevens.com/promo and ender the code LYMEAID, or call the 87ers office and speak to a representative at 302-504-7587.

About the Delaware 87ers
The Delaware 87ers of the National Basketball Association Development League (NBADL) were relocated to America’s first state in 2013 and named to commemorate the year in which Delaware ratified the U.S. Constitution, 1787. The Sevens are the NBADL affiliate of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and are owned by the Sixers. The 87ers play at the University of Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, DE.

About the NBA Development League
The NBA Development League is the NBA’s official minor league, preparing players, coaches, officials, trainers, and front-office staff for the NBA while acting as the league’s research and development laboratory. Featuring 18 teams with direct affiliations with NBA franchises for the 2014-15 season, the league offers elite professional basketball at an affordable price in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. An all-time high 26 percent of all NBA players at the start of the 2014-15 season boasted NBA D-League experience. In fostering the league’s connection to the community, its teams, players and staff promote health and wellness, support local needs and interests, and assist in educational development through NBA D-League Cares programs. Fans can watch all NBA D-League games on nbadleague.com.

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302-351-5377  87ersPR@sevens.com
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Rep. Gibson Introduces Lyme Bill in House

WASHINGTON, DC: 2/5/15: Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19) has re-introduced legislation, Bill HR 789, that prioritizes federal research on Lyme and related diseases, which are on the rise in Upstate New York and across the country.

The Tick-borne Disease Research Transparency and Accountability Act, HR 789, a bill authored by Congressman Gibson, also creates a working group that includes patients, advocates, and physicians to enhance cooperation among federal agencies seeking improved treatment, detection, and prevention. HR 789 is now in the Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee.

History of the bill

Bill Text

Rep. Smith Introduces Lyme Bill in House

WASHINGTON, D.C. 2/4/15: Continuing the fight to better assist patients and families impacted by Lyme disease, Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) announced the re-introduction of his bipartisan bill HR 665 to establish a federal Tick-Borne Diseases Advisory Committee to better deliver results for those living with this debilitating illness. HR 665 is now in the Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee.

Lyme disease has been particularly devastating in New Jersey, where it is estimated that over 59,000 individuals have reported cases of Lyme over the past 15 years,” Smith said. According to recent data, 95 percent of Lyme disease cases were reported from 14 states, and New Jersey was fourth highest.

Read Full Press Release

Bill Text

Gibson Lyme Bill Press Release

September 9, 2014

Contact: Matt Sheehey

202-225-5614 or matt.sheehey@mail.house.gov

House passes Gibson Lyme bill

Legislation boosts federal research, gives patients a voice

Washington, DC – Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19) announced a major victory in the fight against Lyme disease.

Today the House passed H.R. 4701, the Tick-borne Disease Research Transparency and Accountability Act of 2014, a bill authored by Congressman Gibson.

The bipartisan legislation, which passed the House Energy & Commerce Committee in July, prioritizes federal research on Lyme and related diseases and gives patients, advocates, and physicians a seat at the table.

Passage of this constituent-driven bill represents a real victory for Lyme sufferers and the people of Upstate New York,” said Congressman Gibson. “As Lyme becomes even more prevalent in the Hudson Valley and spreads to new regions, it is imperative that the federal government adopt a more aggressive strategy to improve detection, treatment, and prevention of these tick-borne diseases. Our legislation requires action from the research community, and it brings together stakeholders from across the Lyme community.”

H.R. 4701 forms an interagency working group consisting of federal agencies and non-federal partners, including experienced Lyme physicians and patient advocates with a broad spectrum of scientific viewpoints. The working group is tasked with ensuring coordination among federal agencies to maximize research priorities.

H.R. 4701 requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to consult with the working group to submit a strategic plan to Congress within three years that includes benchmarks to measure progress. The plan must include a proposal for improving outcomes of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, including progress related to chronic or persistent symptoms, infections, and co-infections.

In August 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the number of Americans diagnosed with Lyme disease each year is approximately 300,000. 

The passage of H.R. 4701 in the House marks a turning point in a national effort to better understand and ultimately conquer these complicated tick-borne diseases,” said Christina Fisk of Clifton Park, president of the Lyme Action Network. “We owe a debt of gratitude to Congressman Gibson, who invested so much time to thoroughly understand the complex issues, and we thank him for acting on the urgent pleas of his constituency. He worked with experts from across the country to collaboratively craft an impactful and sensible bill to address a rapidly growing problem. We hope to see the bill introduced in the Senate in the near future and then become law.”

The Tick-borne Disease Research Transparency and Accountability Act is the first standalone bill addressing Lyme disease to pass the House. The bill’s cosponsors include several Members of Congress from the Northeast, including Congressmen Chris Smith (NJ-4), Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18), Paul Tonko (NY-20), and Peter Welch (VT).

For the past few years, I have worked with advocates from throughout New York and the United States on a bill that focuses on solutions,” said Congressman Gibson. “I want to thank these good citizens for their significant and persuasive engagement and unyielding commitment to change the direction of U.S. policy to bring solutions and relief for our chronic Lyme sufferers. I also want to thank my House colleagues for their support of this legislation. By working together, we are able to give a voice to people who are suffering.”


Co-Sponsor’s Thoughts on Lyme Bill

Congressman Christopher Smith (NJ), a co-sponsor of the House Lyme legislation and & the US House Lyme Caucus Chair, shared his thoughts on the floor of the house and in this press release on the historic passage of HR 4701 in the US House.
Click here to read his release

Abbott Labs Introduces New Lyme Test

August 10, 2011 – Abbott’s Ibis Biosciences today introduced a new molecular assay to detect a wide variety of vector-borne microorganisms, including those known to cause Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis.

Press Release

Abbott Introduces Vector-borne Pathogen Test to Detect Microorganisms Carried by Ticks and Other Insects

August 10, 2011

Abbott Park, Illinois (NYSE: ABT ) — Abbott’s Ibis Biosciences today introduced a new molecular assay to detect a wide variety of vector-borne microorganisms, including those known to cause Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis. Vector-borne pathogens are microorganisms that are typically transmitted by arthropods such as ticks, mosquitoes or fleas.

The PLEX-ID™ Vector-borne test, which is intended for non-diagnostic use, has been designed to support bioresearch, environmental surveillance, and other activities central to the detection and identification of vector-borne pathogens.

“The PLEX-ID Vector-borne test is a single broad-range molecular assay that can detect a wide array of microorganisms and mixtures of microorganisms in a single specimen,” said Mark Eshoo, Ph.D., director, New Technology Development, Ibis Biosciences. “The test can identify protozoa, bacteria, and nematodes, in a wide range of specimen types, including ticks, fleas, blood or tissue.”

Dr. Eshoo led a study in which vector-borne disease surveillance researchers in New York and Connecticut collected 299 blacklegged ticks. The ticks were analyzed using the Ibis technology for a wide range of vector-borne microorganisms. Results showed that two-thirds of the ticks were infected with B. burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, and a third of these positive ticks contained other tick-borne co-infections such as Babesia microti or Anaplasma phagocytophilum. The research demonstrated that the Ibis technology can detect and identify B. burgdorferi as well as co-infection in ticks with other vector-borne pathogens quicker than traditional lab methods.

Currently intended for non-diagnostic use, PLEX-ID is the only high-throughput technology that offers rapid and broad identification, detailed genotyping and characterization, and recognition of emerging organisms. The system employs a combination of molecular technologies, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for gene amplification and mass spectrometry analysis to rapidly characterize known and unknown organisms. It is designed to address a significant unmet need by providing test results in less than eight hours instead of three or more days required with blood and tissue culture-based methods.

PLEX-ID is designed to identify a broad range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, certain parasites, and also provide information about drug resistance, virulence, and strain type. Anticipated public health and biodefense applications include epidemiologic research and identification of emerging or previously unknown agents. In addition, the system is being used for forensic characterization of human samples.

In 2009, PLEX-ID was recognized by both The Scientist and the Wall Street Journal as a top scientific innovation of the year. The Scientist honored the system because it can detect and characterize a broad range of microorganisms in any given sample. Since its development in 2005, PLEX-ID technology has been deployed in sites around the United States, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

About Ibis Biosciences
Ibis Biosciences was acquired by Abbott in January 2009 with the focus to deliver an innovative approach to the detection and characterization of a broad array of microorganisms and to contribute to Abbott’s expanding role in molecular testing. This acquisition led to the development of the PLEX-ID system that was designed to address the issues and challenges of traditional technology used in microbial identification in a single system.

About Abbott
Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical products, including nutritionals, devices and diagnostics. The company employs nearly 90,000 people and markets its products in more than 130 countries.

Cheryl Dodd
Don Braakman
(847) 937-6570
(847) 937-0080


Listen To “Twist of Lyme”: WHMP Radio

Dr. Bernard Raxlen, a NY Dr. who treats Lyme patients, a member of ILADS, and Trish McCleary, member of the Massachusettes Lyme Commission and founder of S.L.A.M., an LDA supporter group, are featured with other panelists July 31, 8  – 10am.  WHMP Radio Show

Dr. Bernard Raxlen, a NY Dr. who treats Lyme patients, a member of ILADS, and Trish McCleary, member of the Massachusettes Lyme Commission and founder of S.L.A.M., an LDA supporter group, are featured with other panelists July 31, 8  – 10am.  http://www.whmp.com/play_window.php?audioType=Episode&;audioId=5964506



CONTACT:   Monte Belmonte, Program Director WHMP Radio  

(413) 586-7400 or monte@wrsi.com

 July 26, 2012                                                                                                                                   





Tuesday, July 31st ,  8-10 a.m. from Sylvester’s Restaurant, 111 Pleasant Street,  Northampton

and on WHMP AM1400/AM1240/AM1600/FM96.9 and WHMP.com


Lyme disease is a problematic health problem that has wreaked havoc on thousands of patients’ lives in Western Massachusetts.  Lyme can be tricky to diagnose, and doctors differ on how to treat it.  That can make clear facts and reliable information on diagnosis and treatment hard to come by.   


On Tuesday, July 31st, WHMP Radio is dedicating its monthly WHMP Community Forum to exploring this vexing public health issue.  We’ll look into the difficulties in tracking the disease, and will explore the latest thinking on treatment.  We’ll also feature a Western Mass. Lyme patient who knows these issues firsthand. 


Our panelists for this event will include two physicians:  Dr. Bill Swiggard, an infectious disease specialist at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, and Dr. Bernard Raxlen, a New York physician who treats Lyme patients from throughout the Northeast,  and is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.  


Other panelists include Trish McCleary, a member of the Massachusetts Lyme Commission and member of the Massachusetts Lyme Legislation Advocacy Group, as well as Elizabeth Rosati, a resident of the Feeding Hills neighborhood of Agawam who suffers from Lyme disease. 


WHMP listeners are encouraged to participate by submitting questions in advance by email to WHMP News Director Denise Vozella, at   dvozella@whmp.com,   and via the station’s Face Book page at  http://www.facebook.com/events/306154179467788/.  


 The event is also open to the public, so audience participation and media coverage is welcome.   WHMP invites listeners to join us for a cup of coffee, and some good conversation.  WHMP Radio produces community forums on a monthly basis to cover major news topics of interest to our listeners. 


“Twist of Lyme-A WHMP Radio Community Forum” is made possible with financial support from Valley Medical Group, Keeping the community healthy for over 25 years.  


Congressman Smith Hosted Lyme Forum

Announcement From the Office of Congressman Chris Smith Save the Date
Congressman Christopher Smith (4-NJ) is hosting a Congressional Lyme Disease Forum in Wall Township, New Jersey, on June 2, 2010, 7PM, at the Wall Township Municipal Building. The panel of speakers includes renowned Lyme disease experts Dr. Nick Harris, IGeneX Labs, an authority on testing for tick-borne diseases, and Dr. Joseph Burrascano, recognized internationally for his guidelines on Lyme disease treatment. Other speakers will include (pending Army approval) tick expert Dr. Ellen Stromdahl, entomologist, U.S. Army CHPPM, who will discuss what species of ticks are found, where and what organisms are being found in ticks, and Pat Smith., president, of the national Lyme Disease Association.

Congressman Chris Smith Reports Home Summer 2010 Newsletter – Summary of Lyme Disease Forum

LDA Update after the Event

About 350 people showed up, spilling out into the hallways, at the Wall Municipal Buidling to hear the speakers and to ask questions. The program lasted from 7PM until almost 11PM, when it was stopped due to the lateness of the hour. A young man with Lyme, Myles Hutcherson, opened the program with a talk about how Lyme has affected his life and the obstacles he has had to overcome. He is 10 years old. LDA President Pat Smith followed with the spread of Lyme disease and the reasons patients are unable to get diagnosis and treatment and this is why legislation is being sought. Dr. Stromdahl spoke about the work of the US Army Public Health Service (formerly US Army CHPPM) which has a tick collection program for armed forces members and their dependents. Dr. Nick Harris presented a comprehensive program on the testing for Lyme disease and why some of the problems exist with current tests and interpretations. Dr. Joseph Burrascano closed the program with a powerpoint on diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and on the many co-infections. The forum shows the extent of the problem in the region.

VA Dept. of Health: Lyme Advisory to Dr.’s

Citing the increased number of cases of Lyme disease, the VA State Health Commissioner has issued an advisory to doctors asking them to be vigilant for Lyme, report their cases of Lyme disease, and stress prevention to their patients.

Click here for full Advisory

NY Congressman John Hall’s April 17, 2009 Press Conference, Dutchess County

Photo_2009_008.jpg (52296 bytes)Congressman John Hall hosted a press conference to raise awareness of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in Dutchess, one of three highest counties in per capita Lyme cases nationally. Speakers were the Congressman (C), LDA President Pat Smith (R), Bill Mc Cabe (L), Dutchess County Legislator, and Hudson Valley LDA president, Jill Auerbach. Congressman Hall shared his concern over this increasing epidemic and discussed the many ways he is trying to encourage change on the federal level, including co-sponsorship of the “Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention, Education and Research Act of 2009”, HR 1179. Click here to view his press release.