Hide and Seek- No Ticks Please by Nancy Fox, Ed.D

Hide and Seek - No ticks Please by Nancy FoxFrom Amazon.com

Hide and Seek – No Ticks Please is a story about Jose´ and Alex’s adventures in the bushes, tall grasses, and wooded areas. During their exploration, they find hidden treasures and hidden dangers. Alex learns about Jose´’s discovery of a hidden danger and how it will change their adventures. She also learns steps to keep them both safe.

Hide-and-Seek – No Ticks, Please is a story to help parents, educators, and medical personnel discuss the risks of ticks, how ticks transmit bacteria, steps to prevent contact with ticks, and how to remove a tick properly if it does become attached.

Nancy Fox, Ed.D is an educator of Pre-K-12 grade students throughout her career. Her passion for teaching about ticks came from a long-term illness of Lyme disease and Babesiosis. Dr. Fox has written No Ticks, Please and The Parasite Convention. A K-12 Lyme Disease Prevention Education & Awareness Curriculum is available for schools and organizations.