Look For: May Guest Blogs for May Lyme Awareness

Each May, the LDA asks experts in the area of Lyme & tick-borne diseases to write a blog to educate the public in an opinion piece on a specific topic or one they choose. One blog is published each week. For Lyme/TBD awareness 2021, LDA will present the following: 
Joseph Burrascano, MD  Lyme Testing
Adrian Baranchuk, MD  Lyme Carditis 2021 Update
Kenneth Liegner, MD  Lyme & TBD Where we are 2021
Sue Faber, RN, BScN  Lyme & Pregnancy
James Occi, PhD (Cand.)  Ticks
The opinions expressed by the authors are their own opinions. Check LDA Guest Blogs page on our website each week in May to see the new blog or to read past blogs by other guest experts. Go to the President’s Blog page to read posts by the LDA president.