doubletree stpaul smThe Lyme Disease Association, Inc. with joint provider Columbia University, is holding its 17th annual scientific CME* conference, Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases: New Strategies to Tackle an Expanding Epidemic. Brian Fallon, MD, Columbia University is Conference Director. It will be held at the Doubletree by Hilton St. Paul Downtown, 411 Minnesota Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55101, USA on Saturday October 15 and Sunday October 16, 2016.

The conference is designed for physicians and researchers but the public is invited to register. 14.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM are offered by Columbia University to CME-registered physician attendees. The conference features twenty faculty consisting of clinicians and researchers from across the US and one from Switzerland.

The conference features very current research that could alter the field. Saturday’s Keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Moir from Harvard will present his breaking in vitro results on Beta Amyloid, Alzheimer’s and Lyme Disease. This will be followed by a talk by Dr. Judith Miklossy, International Alzheimer Research Center, reviewing evidence suggesting a link between spirochetal infection and Alzheimer’s Disease. The newest breakthrough in the combination of novel biotechnologies (proteomics and nanotechnology) for improved Lyme diagnostics has led to the nanotrap; results from an initial study will be presented by Dr. Alessandra Luchini from George Mason University. A new species of Borrelia was recently discovered to cause Lyme in the US; this will be discussed by Dr. Bobbi Pritt from the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Ying Zhang from Johns Hopkins will discuss new in vitro antimicrobial strategies to eradicate “Borrelia persisters”, that offer promise for more effective interventions for human Lyme disease. Dr. John Aucott from Johns Hopkins Medical Center will present new findings regarding the human immune response in Lyme disease.

In the area of prevention, the latest on a novel mouse vaccine will be discussed by Dr. Steve Zatechka, US BIOLOGIC. Work so new it is generating discussions from scientists around the world on the impact it might have on ecology in general will be presented by Dr. Kevin Esvelt, from MIT Sculpting Evolution Lab, his talk will address Community-Guided Ecological Immunization to Prevent Tick-Borne Disease using CRISPR technology.

Other talks will discuss diagnosing neurologic Lyme disease by Dr. Patricia Coyle, Stony Brook; acute and chronic neuropsychiatric disease by Dr. Brian Fallon, Columbia; a cardiac Lyme case by Dr. Betty Maloney, Partnership for Tick-Borne Diseases Education, a Lyme CME Provider; a review of clinical trials of Lyme Disease by Internist/epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Cameron; isolation of spirochetes from patients in the Southern U.S. by Dr. Kerry Clark, University of N. Florida; diagnosis and treatment of pediatric Lyme arthritis by Dr. Lise Nigrovic, Boston Children’s Hospital; controlling the inflammatory response in the mouse model of Lyme arthritis by Southern Research Institute’s Dr. Timothy Sellati; studies of viruses in ticks by Dr. Rafal Tokarz of Columbia University; clinical review of other TBDs such as Tularemia by Nantucket clinician Dr.Timothy Lepore, Bartonella by Dr. Marna Ericson of University of Minnesota, and Babesia in the blood supply by Dr. Evan Bloch of Johns Hopkins. Finally, the conference will conclude with a public health talk on the spread of Lyme disease vector into the United States by the CDC’s Dr. Ben Beard.

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Minnesota Congressman Peterson Supports LDA/Columbia Conference

Below is a letter from Congressman Collin C. Peterson (Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District) thanking the LDA for inviting him to the LDA/Columbia Scientific conference this year (2016)

Congressman Peterson is co-chair of the Congressional Lyme Disease Caucus, and has worked with Caucus co-chair Representative Chris Smith to help fund research and educate people about Lyme Disease. Congressman Peterson’s letter highlights their various efforts. The LDA is grateful for the Congressman’s work to help the Lyme disease community and for his continued representation.

Click here for Congressman Peterson’s letter

Dr. Maloney on Access Minnesota Radio – Lyme Disease in MN

Listen to radio show “Lyme Disease in Minnesota” on Access Minnesota. Dr. Elizabeth Maloney discusses the symptoms and dangers of Lyme disease and how best to prevent infection. Dr. Maloney mentions the LDA and the upcoming LDA/Columbia Scientific Conference on the show.

Click link to hear radio show: http://www.accessminnesotaonline.com/2017/05/17/lyme-disease-in-mn/

Dr. Elizabeth Maloney is a Family Practice Physician and the President of the Partnership for Tick-Borne Diseases Education.

Access Minnesota is a 30-minute public affairs program that airs weekly on radio and monthly on TV. Each episode focuses on the issues, people and stories that impact the state.

MA Legislature Overrides Gov. Lyme Bill Veto

Patient Victory in MA! Three minutes before midnight on July 31 in a 37-1 vote, the MA Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto of the Lyme bill which contained the language supported by patients for mandatory insurance coverage for long-term treatment. This vote followed closely the override vote in the House on July 30 with a vote of 153-3. The LDA congartulates MA on its great victory and thanks all involved, especially the MA Legislative Task Force who led the override effort, and all those who called or wrote to demand relief for patients. Thank you, MA legislature, for listening. Click here for MA Legislative Task Force Press Release

HISTORY–Governor Vetoes Patient Lyme Language–Governor Baker has vetoed the H4491. He has also filed an alternate bill which is unacceptable. The legislature is preparing to override his veto, but MA residents ONLY must continue to urge them to do so in the largest numbers possible. The message is simple and direct: please OVERRIDE Governor Baker’s veto of H4491, the Lyme treatment coverage bill.

The House and Senate will be in formal session on Saturday and Sunday, which is when the override vote can occur. We need to contact them now. Massachusetts residents only – and each person should contact only her/his own state representative and state legislator.

(This action is supported by the Lyme Disease Association, Inc. which had already testified originally on bill and also written the Governor)

Click here for history of bill actions

Message above from the Lyme Legislative Task Force

Helen Brown – Whitman

Donna Castle – Ayer

Janice Dey – Westport

Susan Fairbank-Pitzer – Danvers

Sharon Hawkes, MLIS – Nahant

Jayme Kulesz – Groton

Robin LeMieux – Lowell

Sheila Statlender, Ph.D. – Framingham

ME Lyme Bill Passes Into Law

“An Act to Improve Access to Treatments for Lyme Disease” passed both houses of the Maine legislature and was given to the Governor who did not veto or sign the bill. Under Maine law, that means the bill becomes law. The bill provides for doctor protection for doctors who prescribe long term treatment for Lyme disease.  Congratulations to the Maine advocates who worked so hard to make this happen!  The LDA provided testimony favorable to bill passage.


This bill prohibits the Board of Licensure in Medicine from disciplining a physician or revoking or suspending a physician’s license for prescribing, administering or dispensing long-term antibiotic therapy to a patient with acute, persistent or chronic Lyme disease if the therapy was pursuant to a treatment plan recommended by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that considered the patient’s individual circumstance or was in the best judgment of the physician with respect to the particular patient or special clinical situation.

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Cick here for bill language

Illinois Passes Doctor Protection Legislation

Illinois lawmakers vote unanimously to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto on a bill proposed to protect physicians from possible discipline for aggressively treating Lyme disease. The bill requires the establishment of a Lyme disease task force as well as a statewide Lyme disease prevention and outreach program. Click here for the article


DE Legislature Declares Lyme Awareness Month

Delaware Legislature Declares Lyme Awareness Month

By passing Delaware House of Rep. Concurrent Resolution #79, the Delaware legislature declared May 2016 as Lyme Disease Awareness month. The legislature sent the resolution to the Lyme Disease Association, a provision included in the resolution, which has posted it here online. Rep. Schwartzkopf and Rep. D. Short are the Hourse sponsors and Sen. Lopez is the Senate sponsor. Thank you Delaware legislators! Click Here for DE Resolution

Delaware Bills Focus on Ticks & Educating Doctors


2016 08 29 DEBills(L to R) Sen. Ernie Lopez, House Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, Gov. Jack Markell Cape Gazette / Photo by Chris FlOn 8/29/16, Delaware Governor Jack Markell joined Speaker of the House Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf (D-Rehobeth) and Sen. Ernie Lopez (R-Lewes) for the signing of 2 Lyme disease bills.

These bills are a direct result from the findings of the June 1, 2015 Lyme Disease Prevention Task Force Report.  The task force was created in 2014 and Schwartzkopt and Lopez were its co-chairs.

House Bill 290:
This Act enforces the task force recommendation of an Integrated Pest Management strategy incorporating acaricide use, biological controls, management of tick-host animals and backyard habitat management.  DN-REC can now go on public and private land after permission to conduct research on tick habitats, tick-host animals, and tick vegetation.

House Bill 291:
An Act to amend Title 16 of the Delaware code relating to the creation of an oversight board to educate health care professionals about Lyme disease.

  • Educating health care professionals to develop a high index of suspicion for Lyme disease, because Delaware is in an endemic area for the disease.
  • Educating health care professionals that Lyme disease can be diagnosed clinically based on history and physical examination, and serologic antibody testing can confirm, but is not required to make, a clinical diagnosis.
  • Encouraging continuing medical education credits and nursing continuing education units regarding Lyme disease and make the topic enticing to encourage health care professionals to attend such courses as soon as they are available.
  • Hosting continuing education credits and units in all three counties, making efforts to host the courses in hospitals to get the most health care professionals together at once.
  • Delivering education in a variety of methods, using professional associations, medical journals, radio, internet, and conferences, and linking medical training with a public awareness campaign.
  • Trying to bring all health care professionals together for collaboration.

This Act includes a sunset provision and will expire 8 years after its enactment unless otherwise provided by a subsequent act of the General Assembly.

Delaware declared May 2016 Lyme Disease Awareness Month and sent LDA the resolution (click here for article

Gov. Markell signs two tick control bills into law (WMDT47 abc)

Markell signs Lyme disease measure (Cape Gazette)


2018 May Awareness Proclamations / Resolutions

States and counties throughout the US have proclaimed May Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Many states and counties have taken steps to raise awareness regarding Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Declaring “May Lyme Awareness Month” is one move to help remind people spring is here, ticks are out, prevention & proper education are your best tools to staying healthy.

Proclamations are issued by governors and resolutions are adopted by the legislature. The LDA salutes and thanks all the governors, legislators, Lyme groups, and advocates who have helped raise awareness throughout the year.

Your efforts make a difference! 

Please submit an image of your state or county proclamation/resolution so we can include it on our annual list.

Any questions, email webmaster@lymediseaseassociation.org

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Improving Care in Lyme Disease

Published on Sept. 7, 2017 (13th segment)
Panelists Peter L. Salgo, MD; Robert C. Bransfield, MD, DLFAPA; Samuel Shor, MD, FACP; Leonard Sigal, MD; and Patricia V. Smith offer their insights regarding the future of Lyme disease and ways to improve care for patients. Click here for transcript of the video on Contagion® website

Published on Sept. 7, 2017 (13th segment)
Panelists Peter L. Salgo, MD; Robert C. Bransfield, MD, DLFAPA; Samuel Shor, MD, FACP; Leonard Sigal, MD; and Patricia V. Smith offer their insights regarding the future of Lyme disease and ways to improve care for patients.

Click here for transcript of the video on Contagion® website

Full list of interview segments