Columbia TBD Research Center – Support Letters

Lincoln Almond – Governor of Rhode Island
Michael R. Bloomberg – Mayor of New York City, New York
Richard Blumenthal – Attorney General of Connecticut
Howard Dean, M.D. – Governor of Vermont
Christopher J. Dodd – US Senator, CT
Brian A Fallon, M.D., M.P.H. – Columbia University
Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D. – Columbia University
Serphin R. Maltese – Senator of Queens County, New York
Mary McDonnell – Actor, National Spokesperson for the Lyme Disease Association, Inc.
James E. McGreevey – Governor of New Jersey
Amedeo C. Merolla – Brigadier General (Ret.) AUS
George E. Pataki – Governor of New York
Joseph R. Pitts – US Congressman, PA
John G. Rowland – Governor of Connecticut
Christopher H. Smith – US Congressman, NJ
Remarks of Pat Smith – President of the Lyme Disease Association, Inc