Property Prevention: Tricks to Stop Ticks

02 August 2012

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Ticks are most likely to be in woods, where woods meet lawn, where lawn meets fields, tall brush/grass, under leaves, under ground cover (low growing vegetation), near stone walls or wood piles, shady areas, around bird feeders, outside pet areas.

What you can do to lower your/your pet's exposure to ticks on your property:

house-yard• Keep your lawn mowed (ticks hide in tall grass)

• Rake up leave and grass clippings (ticks hide under leaves/grass clippings)

• Keep ground cover trimmed away from walkways (ticks are close to pathways)

• Place stone walls/woodpiles as far as possible from house (rodents live there & carry ticks)

• Place a wood chip barrier between your property and wooded/field areas (ticks may not cross)

• Place swing sets and other play sets in the sunny areas, away from woods/fields (ticks hate sun)

• Keep bird feeders away from your house (rodents seek dropped bird food & carry ticks)

• Consider controls for small mammals e.g., mice (they carry ticks which get Lyme from them)

• Consider deer fencing in areas where deer populations are high (deer transport ticks)

• Keep outside pet areas cleared of leaf and other debris.(dogs can carry loose ticks inside)

More detailed information on property management can be found in these 2 publications. LDA does not endorse any products or particular practices but provides links for informational purposes.


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