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March 2018
FDA Approves Tests to Screen Blood supply for Babesia
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first tests to screen human plasma and whole blood samples for the Babesia parasite species, Babesia Microti (B. Microti), the main species that causes infection in the United States.
DoD TBD Research Program Announces Funding Opportunities for Researchers
The Department of Defense Tick-Borne Disease Research Program (TBDRP) is announcing its anticipated funding opportunities for fiscal year 2018 for researchers. Since there is a current Continuing Resolution, the Defense Appropriations bill has not been passed yet, so funds have not been appropriated for the DoD TBDRP. This is a preannouncement to allow researchers time to plan ideas for submission to the anticipated FY18 funding opportunities.
Mary Beth Pfeiffer Releases Lyme Book
Announcing the publication Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s book – Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change which documents the human contribution to the dangerous spread of Lyme disease to dozens of countries and multitudes of people. Pfeiffer is known for her dedicated coverage over the years with the Poughkeepsie Journal — covering Lyme, TBD’s and the decades of controversy that has left patients without insurance coverage and life saving treatment options.
New Publications from LDA-Funded Research
The LDA provided funding to Alfredo Angeles-Boza, University of Connecticut, whose work with colleagues translated into three new publications which provide information that could benefit Lyme patients.
May Lyme Disease Awareness Events
May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! These events, which sometimes start in March, help educate the public and raise funds for Lyme research. Click our calendar icon below to view events hosted by LDA’s partners, members of LDAnet, LDA’s umbrella organization. Keep checking back for new events. Click below for two conferences, each supported by an education grant from the LDA: In April, the 4th Annual Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education Conference at the Augusta Civic Center (Maine); and in May, the Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association – Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases: 3rd Rocky Mountain Forum. LDA also provided an education grant for Lyme Society, Inc.1st Annual Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Conference – in May, Staten Island, NY.
Post Your State Lyme Awareness Proclamations Here
Many states and counties have taken steps to raise awareness regarding Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Declaring “May Lyme Awareness Month” is one move to help remind people spring is here, ticks are out, prevention & proper education are your best tools to staying healthy.
Proclamations are issued by governors and resolutions are adopted by the legislature.
Click here to add a picture of your state or county proclamation/resolution so we can include it on our annual list.
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